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A Top-Performing Real Estate Private Equity Firm

Through performance ratio analysis, a detailed financial analysis, site visits, and market studies, Linchris evaluates and acquires underperforming hotels based on a number of established factors, which help the firm's dedicated management team improve their performance. Even through difficult economic cycles, our investments have performed well, thanks to a disciplined strategy that provides demonstrable risk mitigation.

Integrated Hotel Management, Consistent Value Creation

Founded in 1985, our firm's history, experience, and the long-standing relationship of our management team creates a culture of consistent investment strategy and success. With an established ability to consistently improve underperforming hotel properties, our firm demonstrates a track record that extends throughout its portfolio, providing consistent, compelling market opportunity.
  • With over three decades of hotel investment and operational experience, our long history of working together is the backbone of a cohesive group of partners and analysts.
    Experienced Leadership
  • LCP's investment strategy is focused on cost control and operational efficiency, which mitigates hotel performance fluctuations due to the performance of the economy.
    Focused Investment Strategy
  • Our leading hotel management division consists of a dedicated team that oversees operations of successful properties and top performers from all over the country.
    Extensive Operating Capability
  • With a track record of proven reliability in the investment field, our firm is known for taking undervalued assets and transforming them into high-performing resources.
    Proven Investment Performance
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